Theater Etiquette – Greeting Performers After the Show

Happy New Year!

I’m back at my desk after taking a 3 month hiatus to dance in the kick line of “Christmas Spectacular”.  Even though I wasn’t writing or lecturing during this time period, I was gathering a substantial amount of material to share with you.  Everyday during the 70 show run, I was amazed with an, “I can’t believe they did or said that”, situation.  I will share many of the highlights with you during the next few weeks.

After every performance, the dancers and actors would gather in the theater lobby to “meet and greet” audience members as they exited the theater.  I always enjoyed meeting the people I just performed for face-to-face.  However, I was occasionally surprised at what people said or did at this time.

1.  “You’re almost as good as the Rockettes at Radio City – almost.”

2.  “Are you a boy dressed in female drag?” – said to one of the dancers.

3.  “Are you a Christian?  Because if you’re not, you shouldn’t be singing “O Holy Night”. – said to a male vocalist

4.  “I didn’t like the way you said, “Ho ho ho”.  I can do it better.  I am a Santa too.” – said to Santa

5.  “You were great singing with the group – I didn’t care for your solo performance though.” – said to a female vocalist

6.  “Celine Dion sings it this way.  Why don’t you?”– said to a male vocalist

7.  “I’m a choreographer.  I would have choreographed it differently.”

8.  “You danced very well for a Japanese.” – said to a Japanese dancer.

9.  “It’s only November 5.  I can’t believe you’re performing a Christmas show so early.  I’m not ready yet.”

10. “Are you 2 twins?” – said to a Caucasian dancer and an African-American dancer

11.  “It’s so said what happened to Michael Jackson isn’t it?” – said to an African-American dancer

12.  “I can’t believe how soft this fur is!” – said to me as a lady continued to rub her hand over the chest of my costume.

13.  “Any of you single?  I need a date for later on.  Any one of you will do.” – keep looking buddy.

14.  “Is this beard real?” – as they pulled on Santa’s beard.

15.  “I’m so sick, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to shake each of your hands.”

Sadly, the list of these comments goes on.  Fortunately, the many wonderful comments over shadowed them.

Please don’t forget this basic rule: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Also, please refrain from touching a performer’s costume before asking permission.

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