A Tip to Remember Names When Introduced

After an introduction, try to use the person’s name in conversation several times. The repetition of saying their name will help consolidate it in your memory.  The person you are conversing with will also be flattered to hear their name.

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3 Responses to A Tip to Remember Names When Introduced

  1. Bill says:

    Another name-remembering trick: as soon as the person you are meeting for the first time says his/her name, immediately think of somebody you know by the same name and associate the two. It can be a famous person or somebody you personally know. Works for me when I remember to do it.

  2. William Quinn says:

    I like this and use it, but also if you do forget before the conversation is over, please look for an opportunity to apologize and politely ask again. People understand and will appreciate the extra effort.

  3. KerrybQ25 says:

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