He Ordered a Pizza During the Funeral!

In previous posts, I have emphasized the importance of turning cell phones off so they don’t ring during a funeral.  I did not, however, discuss the inappropriateness of placing a call on a cell phone during a funeral.  I didn’t think I needed to, but apparently, I was wrong.

While attending a funeral this weekend, the man seated across from me ordered a pizza for pick-up on his way home from the funeral.   There is never a good time to have this, or any, phone  conversation at a funeral, but his timing was terrible.  Just as we bowed our heads for a moment of silence and prayer, we heard, “large with pepperoni and mushrooms please.”  Well, at least he said please.

Cell phones should be turned off during a funeral service.  Do not make a call, send a text, or allow the phone to make any noise what so ever.

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