Remarriage Introduction Etiquette

When second, third, or in Elizabeth Taylor’s case, eighth marriages occur, families and relationships are merged.  As titles change, introductions may become awkward.  Here are a few tips to help make these introductions less awkward and more respectful for everyone.

Introduce an ex-in-law as a friend.  For example, if you are introducing your ex-brother-in-law say, “This is my friend, Bob Waters.”  It’s not necessary to go through the former family history when making introductions.

If you have children from a previous marriage, you may introduce your ex-father-in-law as their grandparent.  “This is my son Tyler’s grandfather, Bill Baker.”

If your new spouse has children and they refer to you as their stepmother or stepfather, introduce the child in the same manner.  “This is my stepdaughter, Jennifer.”

Introduce siblings in a blended family accordingly.  “This is my daughter, Becky’s, stepbrother, Alex.”



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