Crying Babies Etiquette

Children are not born with proper manners.  They must be taught these skills as they grow and become ready to practice them in social situations.  Until children are able to execute proper manners on their own, their parents must oversee their behavior so they are not rude, disrespectful, or disruptive to others.

One of the first behaviors parents must pay attention to and monitor is crying.  Crying is the only way  babies can communicate their needs.  They are trying to tell the people around them they are uncomfortable and need something.  Parents should not ignore this communication for the well being of the baby.  They also need to be aware of how the crying is effecting the people around them and not have a self entitlement attitude. This is especially important when the crying takes place in public such as a restaurant, theater, church, store, funeral, wedding, or any presentation – such as the one Donald Trump was giving yesterday for his campaign.

A respectful, mindful, adult would not sit in an audience and start screaming gibberish while someone is speaking or performing.  This would be distracting to the speaker and other audience members.  Why then, do people think it is acceptable for a baby?  At the point when a baby cannot be consoled to stop crying, an adult needs to display manners and take the responsibility to remove the baby from the area where it is being disruptive to others.  Yes, it is a sacrifice to the parent.  They may miss part of the wedding, church service, play, dinner, or, in yesterday’s case, Donald Trump’s speech.  But taking a crying baby out of the room, without being asked, is one of the responsible sacrifices of being a parent.

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