Professional Dress – Building a Wardrobe

Clients frequently ask me how to build a professional wardrobe without going into serious debt. This question is most common among college students preparing to enter the corporate workforce.

It is not necessary to own a lot of tailored clothes to present a professional image in the corporate world.

Begin to build your wardrobe by selecting one basic color and continue to coordinate items with that color.

For example, you could choose to build a working wardrobe around the color black or navy. Purchase key items in your selected color, such as a jacket or blazer, and add items which complement that color, such as slacks or skirts.

Add color with less expensive accessories to easily change the look of your attire. Gentlemen may select several different shirts or ties. Ladies can accessorize with different blouses, scarves, or jewelry.

Do not include items which are too bright or flashy. They are not appropriate in a professional setting.

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