Office Restroom Etiquette

Employees should not expect someone to clean up after them when using the office restroom.

Everyone should contribute to the general cleaniness of the restroom by following these general guidelines:

1. Throw paper towels in the waste basket. Do not leave them on the floor or countertop.

2. Replace paper towels or toilet paper when necessary. Don’t let the next person be trapped without any.

3. Wipe up any water splashed out of the sink.

4. Clean up after personal grooming. (powder, hair from shaving, plucking, or combing, spilled lotion, tooth- paste, etc.)

5. Always flush.

6. Flush frequently if necessary. I believe the military refers to these as “courtesy flushes”. Get my drift?

7. Use an air freshener or fan if available.

Leave the restroom as if you will be the next person to use it.

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