USPS Customer Service – Or Not

In today’s market, quality customer service can make or break your business. It’s imperative to listen to the customer and determine how you can best help them solve their problem.

Unfortunately, some businesses have an attitude they have their market cornered and don’t have to meet the customer’s needs in a polite and professional manner.

For example, consider the United States Postal Service. When was the last time they took a close look at their customer service policies? They continue to raise the cost of a stamp, but do nothing to enhance the value of the price increase in their services.

Just today, I contacted my local postmaster, Steven E. Stapleton in Xenia, OH, about a delivery problem. The carrier was driving over lawns and sprinkler heads in the neighborhood. I was told by the postmaster the carrier had the right, according to postal guidelines, to drive over private property in order to deliver the mail. He also told me the location of the sprinkler heads was stupid. Lookout lawncare professionals, USPS employees are now embarking on your territory!

When I mentioned previous carriers and paper delivery persons have not driven over the lawns, he said, “… some drivers are more experienced than others.” I would hope anyone with a drivers license is experienced enough to safely manuever their vehicle without damaging private propery!

It does not surpise me the United States Postal Service is hurting. Perhaps we should bring back the Pony Express. At least the horses would be friendly and appreciate an increase in carrots or sugar cubes.

Please feel free to share your postal concerns.

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