Etiquette for Escalators and Moving Sidewalks

Escalators and moving sidewalks are wonderful people movers.  Because they never stop, we rarely have to wait in line to get on and they get us to where we’re going with much ease and greater speed.

Just as we must follow the rules of the road when driving, there are similar rules we must follow when using one of these people movers.

1.  Slower traffic stay to the right. Try to avoid planting yourself in the middle of a step or sidewalk. Others may need to get around you to pass.

2.  If you need to get past someone who is standing in the middle,simply say, “Excuse me, please”, before attempting to get around them.  Don’t nudge the person you’re trying to get around and then excuse yourself.  You may catch them off guard or knock them off balance.  Most of all, it’s impolite.

3.  Standers on the right, walkers on the left.

4.  Be aware of your backpack or briefcase so you don’t hit anyone with it.  If you accidently bump someone, say, “I’m sorry”, or “Excuse me”.

3. Remember, we can all work together on these transporters.  Dirty looks and stubborness do nothing but raise our blood pressure.

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