Traveling Abroad – Helpful Spanish Phrases

English is a common international language. However, making an attempt to speak a country’s native language is greatly appreciated and demonstrates a great deal of respect to the citizens of that country.

After a recent trip to Mexico, I returned home knowing a great deal more of the Spanish language because the hotel employees recognized my willingness to communicate and learn their language. They taught me new phrases everyday.

Here are a few helpful Spanish phrases I learned and would like to share with you:


  • Hello/ Hola
  • Goodbye/Adios
  • Good morning/Buenos dias
  • Good afternoon/ Buenos tardes
  • Good evening or night/ Buenos noches
  • How are you?/ Como esta usted?
  • Very well, thank you/ Muy bien, gracias
  • See you soon/ Hasta luego

Common Phrases

  • Yes/ Si
  • No/ No
  • Please/ Por favor
  • Thank you/ Gracias
  • You’re welcome/ De nada
  • What is your name?/ Como se llama?

In A Restaurant

  • I’d like…/ Quiero…
  • A little more/ Un poco mas
  • One beer please/ Una cerveza por favor
  • Glass of water/ Un vaso de agua
  • Ice (cubes)/ Heilo
  • The bill please / La cuenta por favor

That’s all!/ Es todo!

Mucho gracias Damian! – Damian was one of the Palace Resort employees who not only helped me with the Spanish words, but also instructed me in pronunciation and grammar.

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