Travel Etiquette – Boarding A Plane

The boarding of an airplane for departure should be a fairly quick and smooth process. Unfortunately, we have all experienced a few “hiccups” in the process.

Here are a few tips to keep you from becoming a “hick” while loading “up” the plane.

1. Have your boarding pass out and available when approaching the gate.

2. Organize your personal belongings so you can place your carry-on quickly overhead and sit down. If you need a book or paperwork for the flight, have the items out ahead of time so you’re not digging for them while you hold the entire line of passengers up.

3. Remember backpacks are an extension of your body. You need to be aware of this added extension and be cautious you’re not hitting other passengers with it.

4. If a passenger who is sitting next to the window arrives after you, please stand up and step into the aisle so they may enter their seat without having to climb over an absolute stranger. I trust these later arrivals will also use the words please and thank you for your courteous gesture.

5. Wait until most of the passengers have boarded before working your way against traffic to use the restroom. Better yet, try to use the restroom before boarding if possible.

6. Try to avoid pulling on the back of the seat in front of you to support your body weight as you sit down. I have long hair and can’t tell you the number of times it has been painfully pulled by a passenger grabbing the back of my seat.

7. When the flight attendants ask you to take your seat for departure, please do so immediately. You can finish your conversation with friends elsewhere in the cabin later.

By following these simple guidelines, you too will be a contributor to the meaning of the saying, “fly the friendly skies”.

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