Opening Doors in the Business Setting

In the past, before women were equal members of the corporate world, chivalry ruled and men politely opened doors for them. Today, most women appreciate such a courtesy, but the traditional rules have changed in the business world.

Basic Rules For Opening Doors in a Business Setting:

1. The person who reaches the door first holds the door open regardless of gender.

2. If you are hosting a guest in your company, the host holds the door open for the guest regardless of gender.

3. The person opening the door stands on the hinge side of the door. The person having the door opened for them stands of the handle side of the door. This avoids the awkwardness of walking under an arm or crossing behind. Practice the correct and incorrect way with a friend and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Remember, these guidelines are for a business setting. Gentlemen will do well following traditional rules on a date where opening a car door for a lady makes quite an impression.

In fact, I recently heard a story about a businessman who solidified a promotion when his boss, of an older generation, saw him open the car door for his wife at a social event and was impressed by how well he treated his wife after many years of marriage. The boss felt this man would also give his company’s clients exemplary service and respect.

You never know who is watching!

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