Please and Thank You

Many people ask me very difficult etiquette questions.  I’m thrilled people are interested in improving their etiquette skills and want to properly handle certain situations.  What I am puzzled about is why people don’t practice simple everyday acts of etiquette such as using the words please and thank you.

Today, I was in a fast food restaurant waiting in a very long line. I could hear what the customers in front of me were ordering. Amazingly, only two people used the words please or thank you. I heard over and over again, “Give me”, “I’ll have”, and “I want”. After receiving their food, they just walked away without saying thank you.

Wouldn’t this be a much happier world if we were courteous to one another? Is it that hard to say please and thank you? These two words should be used any time someone does something for you. It’s sad to see how selfish our society has become.

The next time you are ordering food, or anything else for that matter, please use the words please and thank you.

Thank you.

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