Etiquette Classes

Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and beyond, the Etiquette School of Ohio offers classes and consultation to professionals, students, and children. Etiquette classes include training in dining etiquette, business etiquette, business networking, professional dress and grooming, telephone etiquette, social etiquette, wedding etiquette and more.

Children’s Etiquette:

Children will learn much more than just manners in the etiquette classes designed specifically for their age group. They will graduate from the Etiquette School of Ohio having more confidence, poise, and personal presentation skills. Children will handle formal introductions with proper protocol, grace, eye contact, and an impressive handshake. Attending a formal dinner will be done with ease and simple elegance.

Business Etiquette:

Professionals learn or brush up on skills to help them advance in their careers. Many skills offered in the professional business etiquette classes may help to improve a company’s bottom line. Employees learn skills to build lasting business relationships.

Job Search:

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, the Etiquette School of Ohio teaches interviewing skills to help you get an edge over other job candidates. Training includes classes in professional wardrobe selection, grooming, interviewing, presentation skills, telephone etiquette, non-verbal communication, selection of stationery and thank you notes.

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2 Responses to Etiquette Classes

  1. Scott Gates says:

    We are interested in a school based program for an elementary in Cincinnati. The school is K-6. We are looking at an outreach opportunity such as a presentation and then classes as follow-up.

  2. Erica Powell says:

    I would like for my daughter to attend a Etiquette class.  We live in Toledo, OH, No one in Toledo offers this class. I would really appericate if you could lead me in the right direction, to get my daughter enrolled in a etiquette class

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