Serving Soup

There are two different types of soup bowls. Each of these bowls serves a function for the type of soup being served.

1. Cream soup bowl. This bowl is low and somewhat flat with a one inch rim around the circumference. Many chefs also refer to this bowl as a rimmed soup bowl. Only thick creamy soups are served in this type of bowl. The rim helps to catch any drips from the spoon when it is briefly touched against it.

2. Lug soup bowl. Clear broth soups are served in this bowl. It is a small round bowl resembling a cup. This bowl has handles on each side to allow you to pick the bowl up and drink from it.

Both types of soup bowls should be served on a plate so the soiled spoon may be placed on the plate rather than in the bowl or on the table when an individual finishes eating the soup.

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