Tucking Your Tie in Your Pants

In the past week, I have seen more ties tucked into pants than I wish to see in a lifetime.

Gentlemen, do not tuck your ties into your pants.  If the tie is long enough to tuck in, there are some other factors that need to be addressed.

1.  Your tie is too long. Shortening a tie is one of the easiest alterations that can be made.  If you need to, have it shortened.

2. You are wearing your pants too high. Your waistband should rest on your waist, not above your stomach and under your pectoral muscles.  I’ve always wondered how one can breath with a belt cinched so tightly around this part of a rib cage?

If you are working with a piece of machinery and fear your tie will get caught, tuck it into your shirt if you must tuck. Please do not forget to “untuck” when the danger at hand subsides.

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