Prom Etiquette – Attire

Dress for a prom may vary from school to school and class to class.  Some schools choose to have a formal prom while other schools prefer a semi-formal prom.  Dress should be indicated on the prom invitation.

If the prom is formal, attendees should wear long gowns and tuxedos.  Tea length dresses and dark suits with ties would also be acceptable for a formal high school prom.  It’s more important to attend the prom than worry about being able to afford a new gown or renting a tuxedo.

If the prom is semi-formal, ladies should not wear full length gowns.  Hems should be above the ankles.  Men should wear suits or sport coats and slacks with ties.

When inviting a guest to the prom, be sure to inform them of the appropriate attire so they will feel comfortable.  It is also important to ask someone to the prom far enough in advance so they have time to shop for a dress or rent a tuxedo.

Once the prom is over, some communities have formed charitable organizations that accept donated prom gowns to sell inexpensively or give to young ladies who may not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a new gown for their prom.

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