Transportation to the Prom or on a Date

Today, many couples or groups attending the prom choose to hire a limousine service to transport them to the many activities of the evening. This is a much safer form of transportation for younger couples, but may be costly. To save money, couples may want to consider hiring a parent to chauffeur them around. Of course, the parent would be expected to abide by all the same chauffeur protocol the limousine drivers abide by such as appropriate attire, opening car doors, waiting outside, and not becoming involved in the client’s conversations.

If you are using your own car or a parent’s car for transportation, make sure it is clean inside and out.

Whether you are driving yourself to the prom or hiring a limo, the following rules should be followed:

1) Arrive to your date’s home on time

2) Park the car, get out, and knock on the door

3) Introduce yourself to and/or greet the parents. Be prepared for light conversation.

4) If you are giving your date flowers, this is the time to deliver them

5) Help your date with her coat if she is wearing one

6) Say goodbye to the parents and let them know when they might expect you to bring your date home

7) Escort your date to the car

8) Open the door for your date unless you have hired a limo

9) When you arrive at your destination, walk around the car and open the door for your date

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