Spitting in Public

It’s a shame I even have to write about this topic.  I am totally disgusted by it and my sensitive stomach can hardly stand the thought of it.  Unfortunately, due to numerous sitings in the course of one day, I feel it is my duty to write and inform people about it.

Under no circumstance is it acceptable to spit in public.

I do not want to watch you open your car door while sitting at a red light and expectorate.  Nor do I ever want to see you relieving yourself of accumulated phlegm while walking, jogging, golfing, working out at the gym, bicycling, playing football or baseball, and especially not in front of me before entering a building.  I would also prefer not to step in it getting out of my car in a parking lot as I did yesterday.  It’s gross and unsanitary.

If you must spit, please do so into a tissue or handkerchief.  Ideally it would be best to excuse yourself to the restroom.  Should you find yourself outside without a restroom nearby, at least go to a discreet location, out of view from others, such as behind a tree or building.

Finally, why is it we can’t watch the “Great American Pastime” of baseball without having to watch the players spitting every couple of seconds?  I can assure you I never want to sit down in the dugout.

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