How To Eat Soup – Dining Etiquette

Without getting fancy or technical about types of soups or soup bowls, here are the basics of eating soup:

1) Use the soup spoon located on the outer, far right of your place setting. In casual dining situations, the spoon is frequently brought to the table on the service plate. Although this is not proper etiquette, it happens in casual settings.

2) Dip the edge of the spoon which is away from you into the soup first.

3) Collect the soup in the spoon by moving the spoon away from you.

4) Lift the spoon and brush the bottom of the spoon against the back edge of the bowl to catch any drippings which may be on the bottom of the spoon.

5) Keeping your head lifted and your spine straight, bend slightly forward from your hips. Lift the spoon up to your mouth. Avoid leaning your head down toward the bowl. The spoon comes to you.

6) DO NOT make any slurping sounds when eating your soup from the side of the spoon.

7) If you discover the soup is too hot, hold the spoon, with the soup in it, just above the soup level in the bowl to allow it to briefly cool. DO NOT blow on the soup.

I was is a 4 star restaurant when I saw a newly trained server attempt to help the customer cool their soup by leaning over and blowing on the soup. If there is – heaven forbid – any blowing going on – please let it be the owner of the soup.

8) To rest while eating soup, place the spoon in the bowl with the handle at 3 o’clock.

9) When finished eating, place the spoon on the edge of the service plate with the handle at 4 o’clock. If the soup was served without a service plate, leave the spoon in the bowl with the handle at 3 o’clock.

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  1. David says:

    Do left handed people have to put a spoon that is in their left hand in a 3:00 position, as they would have to cross their body to do that. It would seem realistic to say 3:00 for righties, and 9:00 for lefties.

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