Travel Etiquette – Moving About the Airplane Cabin

If you must move about the airplane cabin, please be courteous to the other passengers.

1) Try to minimize the number of times you must leave your seat. Not only is this courteous to other passengers, but it’s a good practice for your safety.

When you are getting up to visit the restroom, try to remember to get anything you made need from the compartment above at that time too rather than getting up an additional time.

2) Please be cautious and try not to bump into seated passengers. Also, many planes now have a handrail located below the luggage compartment.  Please hold on to the handrail for balance rather than the back of the seats.

3) If you must bend over, be aware of where your bottom side is directed. I’ve seen more than enough up close and personal views I’d rather not have seen.

4) When you are getting out of your seat, please do not pull the seat back in front of you or pull the hair of the person sitting in that seat.

5) If the person next to you needs to exit their seat, please stand up and move into the aisle rather than making them climb over you. This would help fix rule #4.

6) Try to time the vacancy of the restroom so you don’t have to stand in the aisle and wait.

7) When opening the above compartment, please do so cautiously so items do not fall on the head of the person seated below.

8)  When the captain lights the seat belt sign, this means everyone needs to remain seated. Yes, that means you too so you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

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