Dance Etiquette – Tap Shoes

This is the time of year dance recitals and stage performances are taking place in every town across America.  Ballerinas are twirling and Rockette hopefuls are tapping away.  At first, we enjoy how adorable they look. But after awhile, the tip pity tap pity of their tap shoes can become quite annoying and disruptive.

Teachers and parents need to remind these future stars of the following courtesies:

1.  Carry your tap shoes to the theater and change into them in the designated dressing room or warm up area.

2.  Don’t run down any halls adjacent to the theater with tap shoes on.

3. When entering the stage wings, tip toe so taps do not disturb the performance on stage.

4. If someone is speaking to you or a group, stand still so your taps do not make noise.

5. Remove your tap shoes when you are done performing and before you enter the auditorium to watch other performers.

6.  When warming up, do so without your tap shoes on or find a place away from others who are trying to have a conversation.

These rules apply to adult performers as well.

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