Shopping Cart Do’s and Dont’s

So often we get caught up in all the business and dining etiquette rules in order to advance our careers, we forget about other etiquette rules that apply to our lives 24/7.

For example, what about shopping cart etiquette at the grocery store?  If we could all be considerate of our fellow shoppers, the trip to the grocery store would not be a dreaded one.

Shopping Cart Etiquette

1.  After claiming your cart, please step aside to allow other shoppers to claim theirs.  Do not stand in front of the cart corral while you put your keys away, blow your nose, or pull out your shopping list and coupons.

2.  Move away from the front door area so other shoppers can continue to enter.

3.  When you see friends you want to catch up with, move your carts to the side so other shoppers can get by.

4. Practice the rules of the road.  Drive on the right side of the aisle.

5. If you must stop to look for a specific item or compare prices, please take your time, but do move your cart to the side of the aisle so others may pass through.

6. Please look where you’re going. My back bumper has its limitations.

7.  Please allow the shopper in front of you to finish paying at the checkout before you try to push into their space.

8.  Upon exiting the store, do not block the aisle-way in front of the checkouts while you search for you keys or wait for your friend to checkout.  Please move to the side to keep the aisle clear.

9.  When waiting for someone to pull the car up to the door to load the groceries in to the car, step to the side of the exit door so others may exit.

10.  When you’re finished using your cart, please return it to an appropriate cart corral conveniently located near you in the parking lot.  Do not park it behind my car or up against my car bumper where it may cause damage to the car.

Happy shopping!

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