How To Eat Cherries

It’s the time of year when cherries are ripe and plentiful. Don’t be discouraged from eating this healthy and tasty fruit in public because you don’t know how to eat the fruit and properly discard the pit. Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy the bounties summer has to offer.

1. Use your fingers to pick the cherry up and place in your mouth.

2. Try to clean the pit as much as possible in your mouth.

3. Drop the pit into a closed and cupped hand. Be sure your hand is close to your mouth so others do not see the pit drop.

4. Place the pit on the edge of your plate or into a paper napkin.

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3 Responses to How To Eat Cherries

  1. Patricia says:

    I love cherries. I find the same problem with grapes with seeds in them.

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  3. maniot says:

    I had problem with cherries. But now I am ok after reading your suggestion.Thank you.

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