An Exemplary Example of Etiquette

Good etiquette is not snobbish or upper crust as many would presume.  Good etiquette costs nothing except an occasional few minutes of your time.  Good etiquette is not obvious, but leaves a lasting impression.

If you are good with etiquette, you will practice it 24/7.

A man I recently met was good with etiquette and did practice it 24/7.  He left a lasting impression with me because I always felt good after he left.  He never used monetary or material things when he practiced etiquette, but unselfishly gave of himself and his time to be there when you needed someone.  This individual was sincere, trustworthy, grounded, and down to hearth.  He always knew exactly the right words to say at the right time to pull you up when you were down and out.

I don’t know how well this man could maneuver his way through the silverware of a 7-course formal dinner.  It doesn’t matter.

This man was a walking example of why etiquette rules exist – to make others feel comfortable and good about themselves.  I doubt he had any formal etiquette training.  He was a natural who took the values his parents and family gave him and became one outstanding individual.

On September 19, 2008, the world lost one good example of etiquette.  Those of you who knew Albert Broussard, and even those of you who didn’t, I challenge you to continue his legacy of being one great example of etiquette.

As Al’s work on earth is done and he takes the road back home, I’m sure he’ll hear the words, “Job well done”, for the many people he helped to feel better about themselves.

May sorrow be gone and peace be with you.

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