Handwritten vs. Typed Notes

Thank you notes and condolence notes should always be handwritten.  Whether or not you write other types of correspondence by hand is a matter of personal preference.  For some, the quality of their penmanship dictates how they will write their notes.

You may want to consider the following before choosing your personal style:

1.  A handwritten note is more likely to be read in today’s high tech world.

2.  A handwritten note reminds someone there is a real, live person on the other side.

3.  A handwritten note says the sender cared enough to take the time to write.

4.  Handwritten notes are often saved because they’re considered to be special.

5.  A handwritten note adds a personal touch.

If a formal memo or lengthy note must be typed, you may pesonalize it by adding a few handwritten lines such as: “Your sales presentation was terrific”, or “I enjoyed meeting you at last week’s meeting”.

Whether or not a note or memo is typed, it should always be signed by hand.

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