Respect All Co-Workers

A job title or rank in the company hierarchy does not determine the worth of a human being.  Treat all employees of a company with respect and professionalism.

I once worked in the buying offices of a major retail store.  At the beginning of each month, when new shipments of clothing were arriving, hangers were in demand and were very scarce.  Actually, hangers packed neatly in boxes were scarce to find.  There were thousands of hangers in the store basement waiting to be sorted by one man.

Very few buyers would venture down to the basement because the old pipes leaked, rats could be seen scurrying about and they said that man down there was creepy.  To get hangers, they would sit in their plush offices and call the “hanger man” on the phone screaming and demanded he deliver hangers to them immediately.

I, on the other hand, walked down to the basement and sorted my own hangers.  While doing so, I had very nice conversations with the “hanger man”.  I learned he was working this job during the day and attending college at night while raising 4 children by himself.  Whenever I saw him in the building I smiled and said hello.  On cold days, I would bring him coffee and attach a note saying, “Have a nice day.”

One day, the buying offices learned the president of the corporation would be visiting the store in one hour and he wanted to see the shipment from a new vendor on the floors front and center.  All the buyers were frantic.  Most couldn’t get their merchandise out because they could not find enough available hangers.  I ran to my stockroom to unpack my boxes and found the nicest surprise.  There were 2 large boxes of hangers waiting for me with a note attached that said, “Have a nice day.”

Guess who was the only buyer who had her floor perfectly merchandised in time for the president’s visit.

No individual can succeed alone.  Always remember to treat the entire team with respect.  You never know when someone will need to come to your rescue.

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