Accepting Gifts

We are usually thrilled to receive a gift.  However, at times we feel awkward because we don’t know if we should open the gift now or wait to open it later.

Some events are planned around the opening of gifts such as showers, birthdays, and retirement parties.  At these events there is usually a time to sit and open the gifts in front of everyone.

If an event is formal, such as a wedding or graduation, it is most appropriate to set the gift aside and open it later.

If you receive a gift at the office, do open the gift so the person or people who gave it to you can enjoy your reaction.

Speaking of your reaction, always act thrilled and appreciative no matter how you really feel about the gift.  If you don’t like the gift, you don’t have to lie and say you do.  Simply be thrilled that someone thought enough to give you a gift and say, “How thoughtful of you to think of me!”

After receiving the gift, always write a handwritten thank you note to the giver.  A verbal thank you at the time you received the gift is not enough.

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