The Office Sink

In today’s society, very few people have maids, cooks, or butlers in their home who pick up after them.  Why is it then, so many people feel there is a maid or butler at work who will pick up and clean up after them?

Look at the office sink for an example.  At any given time, you will find used coffee mugs, spoons, and some residue of an unidentifiable nature sitting in the sink.

Who do the owners of these items expect will clean them?

News flash – the Sink Fairy really doesn’t exist.   Really.

If you use a kitchen utensil, wash it and put it away when you are done using it.  If you rinse something out in the sink, make sure you rinse the sink as well.  Leaving food or liquids in the sink attracts bugs and creates an odor.

Cleaning the sink is not the secretary’s responsibility.  The janitorial staff should only have to wipe off water spots and sanitize the sink.

Be an adult and take responsibility for the items you use.  If you can’t clean them yourself, then don’t use them.

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