Taking a Phone Message

When taking a phone message, be sure to get the following information to be helpful to both the caller and the person receiving the message.  Taking a message properly will also help you to be perceived as professional, organized, and efficient in a business environment.

1.  Write down the caller’s first and last name with the correct spelling.  If the person has a job title, include it as well.

2.  Write down the name of the company the caller is representing.

3.  Write down the caller’s phone number and a good time to return the call to avoid phone tag.

4.  Describe the nature of the call.

5.  Write down the time and date you took the message.

6.  Make sure the person receiving the message knows who took the message by signing or initialing the message so they can speak with you if there are any questions.

7.  Deliver the message to the appropriate party as soon as possible.

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