Avoid the “Smoking Clique”

I do not smoke.  However, at a former place of employment, a majority of my co-workers smoked.  According to state laws, these employees had to leave the building if they wished to smoke.

Eventually, all the smokers would meet at the same spot, at the same time, for their smoke breaks.  While these employees took their smoke breaks, they began to discuss company business and actually conducted “mini meetings”.   By the time our scheduled meetings took place, a great deal of the business matters appeared to be resolved during the smoke break.  I found myself going outside to stand with the smokers to stay in the loop.

Taking a smoking break should be no different than taking a break in the office lounge with non-smokers.  Keep the conversation light and social.  Do not discuss sensitive issues or exclude other members of your team from the conversation.  Save the business agendas for the business meetings.

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