Keep Voice Messages Short and Sweet

Be courteous of another person’s phone minutes.  When you leave a voice message, you are using their minutes for the amount of time it takes you to leave the message as well as the amount of time it takes them to listen to your message.

Your message should be precise.  Leave your name, your company name, your phone number, a brief explanation of the  nature of your call, and a good time to call you back.

For example:

“Hello Mr. Smith.  This is Sandy Hyde from the Etiquette School of Ohio.  I’m returning your call regarding information about upcoming etiquette seminars.  I can be reached at 937-469-4800 after 2:00 this afternoon or anytime Friday.  Thank you.”

Avoid rambling and unnecessary “ums” and “uhs” as much as possible by rehearsing or writing your message before you make the call.  By doing so, you will always maintain a professional image.  Your business contacts will appreciate your efficiency and organization.

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