Avoid Unsolicited Comments While Dining

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, it’s important to enjoy your meal.  Scientific research has proven we digest our food more efficiently when we are relaxed.  I am amazed that many people attempt to disrupt a relaxing, stress free mealtime by making unsolicited remarks.

For example, a former teacher marched up to the head table while I was eating on my wedding day and said, “Remember, a taste on the lips is a month on the hips”.  I was shocked.  At the time, I was a size 2 and hadn’t eaten all day.  So much for enjoying that meal.  It still upsets me 21 years later.

Other popular unsolicited comments are, “Do you know how many calories are in that?”, “You’ll have to run 10 mile to work that off”, or “That’s loaded with fat grams”.

It is rude to make such comments about the food another person is eating.  Please be responsible for yourself and don’t worry about the food choices of another person.

If someone does make these comments to you, simply respond with, “It tastes wonderful.  Would you like some?”

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