Sending Food Back to the Kitchen

Sending a dish back to the kitchen because you don’t care for the taste is not acceptable etiquette.  You should send food back to the kitchen for the the following reasons only:

1)  It was not cooked to order. For example, the steak was rare rather than well done.

2)  There is something “extra” in your dish you did not order such as a bug or hair.

3)  The dish is not what you ordered. You ordered linguine with red clam sauce not white clam sauce.

4)  The food is spoiled.

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2 Responses to Sending Food Back to the Kitchen

  1. Judith says:

    Would an undercooked baked good fall under #1? I ordered a chocolate cake at a nice restaurant recently, and because it is made to order, you can only order it with a main course. I had dinner, even though it was five ‘o clock and we really just wanted a little sweet and drinks, just so I could get the chocolate cake (I love the kind with the liquid center, which is how it was described). The cake came out with the outside undercooked, so it was very gooey. It wasn’t a serious mistake, I know, but I’ve made this type of cake before and though it’s difficult to get right, the outside is supposed to be fully cooked. Since I paid $8 for a very small dessert, not to mention $52 for my entire meal, I was a bit bummed. I ended up feeling sick later. If something like this happens again, is it appropriate to ask them to try again, or would you just not return to the restaurant?

  2. Sarah Morehouse says:

    I would also add if there is an ingredient that you’re allergic/sensitive to, that was not mentioned in the menu or by the server.

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