Escalator Etiquette

With the holiday shopping season upon us,  most of us are in malls and department stores more frequently than we are during other times of the year.

In addition to being patient while waiting in long lines or politely negotiating our way through crowds carrying packages, we should remember to use proper etiquette while riding the escalators.

1)  Move with the flow of people as you step on or off the escalator. If you stop before stepping on the escalator, the people behind you may bump into you.  When stepping off the escalator, move out of the way before stopping to figure out where you want to go.  Do not block the exit for the people behind you.

2)  Use the up escalator to go up, and the down escalator to go down. Do not attempt to defy the machinery by going against the flow.  I suggest you get a treadmill if you need to satisfy the daredevil within.

3) The duration of travel time on an escalator is short.  Be polite and enjoy the ride in an orderly manner.  If you must speed the process up, stand to the right, pass on the left. Please don’t forget to say, “Excuse me, please”, and Thank you”.

4)  Keep your hands to yourself. Perhaps the close position of a couple standing on the same step initiates romantic feelings, however, this is not an appropriate time to cuddle, kiss, or fondle the behind side of your mate.  The people standing behind you can see everything.

5)  Do not pass gas. Yes, passing gas is a natural bodily function.  However, do not make the people following behind you victims of your relief.

6)  No grooming. Those beautiful mirrors located on each side of the escalator are for decor and security purposes.  This is not a time to apply lipstick, comb your hair, or pick lunch from your teeth.  Pay attention.

7)  Hold onto the railing so you don’t fall and cause a human dominoes effect.

8)  Do not lean over the edge or try to touch the hand of another passenger traveling in the opposite direction.

9)  If the sign says no strollers, then, no strollers. The signs do apply to everyone.

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