A Tutorial For Eating Superbowl Party Snacks and Foods

Superbowl Sunday is second when it comes to Americans consuming the greatest amount of food in a day during the year.  Thanksgiving Day is first.

As we all know, Superbowl Sunday foods are much more casual and fun than those typically served on Thanksgiving Day, but we still need to observe etiquette rules when dining casually.

1)  No double dipping. This means you cannot take a bite of your chip and dip it back into the dip for round two.  Why?  It spreads the germs from your mouth into the dip where other guests will eat them.

2)  Do not reach into the food bowl with your hands. Hosts should provide a separate utensil for scooping with each bowl of food.  Why?  The germs from your hands will end up in the bowl for other guests to eat.  Don’t worry if you don’t have fancy utensils for this party.  A simple paper cup or another small bowl will do in a pinch.

3)  No finger licking. I don’t care how good those chicken wings are, use a napkin.  Why?  Do you know what’s on your fingers?  Besides, no one wants to give a high five to a hand with licked fingers.  Would you?

4)  Use a napkin or plate to hold your food. Think of the food as an airplane.  A plane must land on a runway before passengers exit.   Food must land on a plate before being consumed.  Don’t walk around the room with a hand full of Doritos.  You never know when you’ll have to use that hand for a high five.

5)  If foods drip or crumble, have a plate or napkin under them when eating to catch drips and crumbs. Why?  Your host will appreciate saving money on carpet cleaning.

6)  Use a coaster or a napkin to set your beverage on. Why?  It saves the surface of the furniture from water rings and absorbs moisture so you don’t end up with water drips on you.

7)  If you drop or spill something, pick it up immediately and tell the host if there is a spot to be cleaned. Why?  A spot cleans up much easier if it’s not ground into the carpet or found 2 months later when the chair you placed over it is finally moved.

8)  If you are the type of person who is easily animated, set your food down during crucial plays. Why?  The other guests may not appreciate a shower of flying food.

9)  Don’t drink too much, stay too late, or be a bad sport. You want to be invited back to another party.

10)  Be appreciative. Do thank the host before you leave.  Hopefully, you did not arrive empty handed and a thank you note or phone call to remind the host of the good time had the next day would be a nice gesture.

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