Wedding Etiquette Tips: Avoid Wedding Ring Mishaps

During the many years my father was a judge, he performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies.  I was very fortunate to have seen most of the weddings.  I will be the first to attest to the fact that anything can go wrong during a ceremony.

One of the most common mishaps involves the wedding rings.  They are lost, forgotten, dropped, stuck, launched into the air, and rolled across the floor with wedding guests frantically chasing after them.  A vision of wedding guests and attendants crawling on their hands and knees while desperately reaching under a heavy piece of furniture remains fresh in my mind.

Many of these mishaps could have been avoided with a little pre-planning.

1) If you are including a ring bearer in your ceremony, attach faux rings to the pillow and give the real rings to the best man and maid of honor.

2)  Take the ring out of its box prior to the ceremony so it doesn’t get stuck in the box and become air born while being pulled on.  I’ve also seen rings pop out of the box upon opening.

3)  Check all pockets for possible holes.

4)  Give 2 people the responsibility of the rings. One to bring the ring, the other to remind them to bring the ring.

5) If it’s a hot day, the bride and groom might want to consider rubbing their ring fingers with baby powder prior to the ceremony so rings won’t stick.

6)  If hands are swollen, place the ring just above the knuckle during the blessing and allow the bride or groom to slide it on themselves afterward.

7)  If a ring is lost or forgotten, borrow a ring and have the real rings blessed at a later date.

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