“Thank You” Can Make A Spiritual Connection

A prayer is a means of communicating on a spiritual level.  Prayers do not need to be lengthy or complicated.  Two words imperative to proper etiquette can also be a very simple prayer.  These two words are thank you.

Saying thank you regularly throughout the day and truly meaning it, can give a sense of gratitude.

You can repeat these words to yourself, share them with others, or silently think them.  However you choose to say them, be truly grateful.

Say them when you see a beautiful sunset, make it through a stop light, avoid hitting an animal with your car, or enjoy the coziness of a warm blanket and fire.  Perhaps you’re grateful for someone holding a door, an elevator, or a heavy box.  Did you enjoy a cup of coffee, a hot shower, or a piece of chocolate?  Maybe a friend made you smile by sending an e-mail just to say hello or maybe you discovered you didn’t send an e-mail you wrote while you were upset yesterday.

Whatever it is, say thank you and feel grateful.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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