Learn From Others

It is so easy to become frustrated when your expectations are not met when interacting with others.  For example, a sales associate is slow at the checkout or a technician can’t immediately tell you why your computer is not working.

Rather than allow your blood pressure to rise, look at the situation and determine what you might learn from it.  Maintaining a mind set that everyone can be your teacher and every interaction is a learning experience will lower your blood pressure and allow you to see situations differently.

A slow sales associate can help you work on your patience.  The undecided technician might have amazing problem solving skills you can incorporate in your next technical problem.  On the other hand, observe positive interactions as well.  The receptionist always makes your day brighter with her smile.  Perhaps if you smiled more, you could brighten the day for other people too.  Everyone you meet can be your teacher.

You can even learn from animals.  I am hoping my dog can teach me how to live in the moment and find happiness in everything as it is.

Don’t be so quick to judge the shortfalls of others, but step back and observe without judgment to improve your own shortfalls.  This new attitude will work wonders for your etiquette skills too.

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