Top Ten College Dorm Bathroom Etiquette Tips

This past weekend, I visited my college alma mater for a reunion weekend and stayed in a college dorm.  While using the bathrooms in the dorm, I was surprised, but elated, to read some very unusual graffiti on the stall walls.  Rather than the typical, “Call Brad for a good time” or “Math 204 stinks”, there were bathroom etiquette tips.  I was able to gather many of these tips during my stay and would like to share them with you because they are universal public restroom tips.  Moms, if you have children going off to camp or summer school, please share these tips with them.

In the words of college students:

1) Don’t forget to flush.

2) Check to make sure everything flushed.  If not, flush again.

3) Don’t leave toilet paper or anything else on the seat.

4) If you use the last piece of toilet paper, replace it with a new roll in the stall.

5) Courtesy flush so you don’t share your air.

6) Remove your hair from the shower and sink.

7) Wipe the sink after using it.

8) Don’t leave crud in the sink.

9) If someone is taking a shower, yell “FLUSHING” to avoid scalding that person.

10) Treat the bathroom as if your mother would be the next to use it.

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