Men Need Manicures Too

Gentlemen, manicures are not a grooming process for women only.  It’s important for men to have handsome hands. They will be noticed in a professional environment as well as a social or dating environment.   Ladies do not find dirty hands or fingernails appealing.

Nails should be short and cut to the quick.  If you are a nail biter, it’s time to break the habit.  Hands, especially the area underneath the nails, should be kept clean.

Find a good manicurist and visit them at least once a month.  They will remove or push back unsightly cuticles, trim and shape your nails, and buff the surface of the nail.   Some men like a clear coat of polish on their nails to protect the nail and give a well groomed appearance, but this last step is a personal preference only.

In between manicures, use tools you can purchase at any drugstore to maintain your nails.  These tools may include nail clippers, a file or emery board, an orange stick to push cuticles back, and a nail brush to keep your nails and hands clean.

While you’re taking care of your fingernails, don’t forget to check your toenails.  For some women, including yours truly, unsightly toenails are a turnoff.

Finally, if you need more incentive to visit a nail salon other than maintaining your nails, you will be surrounded by a bevy of women who will adore you.  I can’t think of many other places where there’s such a good male to female ratio and the only thing the men have to do is sit and be pampered.

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