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Go Ahead and Enjoy Your S’more

Some foods bring back childhood memories.  For that reason alone, they are just fun to eat.  The chocolate s’more is one of those foods.  The name conjures thoughts of a sticky, gooey, chocolate goodness.  When asked about the etiquette of … Continue reading

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Buffet Dining Etiquette: When May I Begin to Eat?

When food is served buffet style and you have a seated place setting, you may begin to eat when at least half of the number of guests seated at your table have returned from the buffet.  It is not necessary … Continue reading

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What Can Happen When Cell Phone Etiquette Runs Amuck

I spend a great deal of time informing you of proper etiquette rules.   Occasionally, I point out why these rules are necessary.  Rarely, do I hypothesize about what could happen if etiquette is not followed. Today I would like to … Continue reading

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ATM Courtesies

When waiting to use an ATM, be courteous to the person currently using the machine.  Doing your banking in an open, public setting can be intimidating. 1. Stand back and leave enough distance between you and the person using the … Continue reading

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Receive Daily Etiquette Tweets on Twitter

The Etiquette School of Ohio is now offering etiquette tips on twitter.  The LadyofEtiquette is poised for twitter success and awaits her twitter following!  Sign up today so you don’t miss a single etiquette tweet.

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Men Need Manicures Too

Gentlemen, manicures are not a grooming process for women only.  It’s important for men to have handsome hands. They will be noticed in a professional environment as well as a social or dating environment.   Ladies do not find dirty hands … Continue reading

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Use A Coaster Under Your Drinking Glass

Drinking glasses have a tendency to sweat and can damage furniture by leaving a watermark in the shape of a ring on the furniture. Always place a coaster or cocktail napkin under your drinking glass before setting it down on … Continue reading

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