A Good House Guest is Tidy

A good house guest is a neat and tidy house guest.  Always clean up after yourself when staying in some one’s home.

1. Keep your bedroom neat by making the bed every morning and picking up your clothes.  Do not allow your personal items to sprawl all over the room.

2. Whether you have your own bathroom or are sharing one, hang up wet towels and wash clothes. Your toiletries should be kept neat and organized so they don’t clutter the sink or shower areas.

3. Offer to help clean up after meals.  If you use any dishware during the day, place it in the sink or dishwasher when you’re finished using them.

4. If the homeowners remove their shoes at the door, don’t leave more than one pair sitting at the door during your stay.  When you switch to a new pair of shoes, carry the others back to your room.

5. After reading the newspaper, fold it neatly for the next person to read.

6. Offer to clean up any spills or messes you may make during your stay.

7. Observe and follow household rules. If the homeowners do not eat food in the living room, you should follow suit.

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