ATM Courtesies

When waiting to use an ATM, be courteous to the person currently using the machine.  Doing your banking in an open, public setting can be intimidating.

1. Stand back and leave enough distance between you and the person using the ATM to give them privacy.

2. Do not attempt to look over the shoulder or sneak a peek at the information of the person using the ATM.

3. Wait for the person using the ATM to complete their transaction and step away before approaching the ATM.

4. Be patient while waiting. It is rude to tap your foot or huff and puff to make them proceed more quickly.

5.  Have your ATM card out and paperwork complete before approaching the machine.  If you’re not ready, let other people use the machine while you prepare.

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  2. Angelika says:

    As a current MS steundt, I have had the opportunity to go to several recruiting dinners. I have watched the demeanor of recruiters change almost instantaneously when a candidate is talking with his/her mouth is full of food, putting both elbows on the table while eating, reaching clear across the table for an appetizer, or simply getting drunk. A little etiquette goes a long way. Imagine if you were acting that way across the table from an important client!

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