Restaurant Reservations

If you don’t want to end up on a restaurant’s ‘black list’, you may want to follow these rules.

  1. Always be polite when making the reservation.
  2. Call the day of the reservation to confirm and eliminate any last minute surprises.Some restaurants will call you to confirm.
  3. Call the restaurant if you’re going to be late. You don’t want them to give your table away.  Also, by letting the restaurant know when you will be arriving will allow them to handle the flow of diners.
  4. Call the restaurant if the number of guests have changed. If the restaurant is holding a table of 6 for you and you only need a table for 4, they might be able to accommodate a walk-in customer who needs a table for 6.
  5. Call the restaurant if you need to cancel the reservation. A reservation is a promise by the restaurant to have a table waiting for you.  It’s important to keep your promise to show up.  If not, let them know so they can give the table to another customer.

Place yourself in the position of the restaurant owner or manager.  How would you want to be treated in order to run your business successfully?


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