Country Club Attire

Dress codes vary amongst country clubs.  Some clubs require traditional, conservative attire, while other clubs are more relaxed with their dress requirements.  Dress codes will also vary within the club depending on where you are at the facility.   The dress code for the golf course will be different than the dress code for the dining room.

It is imperative to be aware of and follow a club’s dress code whenever you’re on the property as a member or a guest.  Members should also make a note to inform guests about the dress code so their guests are not denied access to the club upon their arrival.

When in doubt, follow these guidelines:

On the golf course:

Collared shirt worn tucked in

Slacks or walking shorts, ladies may also wear a golf skirt

Golf shoes or shoes that will not damage the course


In the clubhouse:

Men: slacks, collared shirt, and jacket  Ladies: Dress, slacks,  or skirt with coordinating top


Denim, short shorts, cargo pants or shorts, tee shirts, tank tops, tube tops, sweatpants, or workout wear.  Also, nothing with frayed edges or visible rips and tears.  If it’s too short, tight, low cut, revealing or too anything, don’t wear it.

Last night, I was attending a meeting at a country club when a young couple walked by touring the facility for their wedding wearing short shorts and cargo shorts.  They were distracting, looked out of place, and were disrespectful to the club and its’ members.  They should have researched the dress code before their arrival.

Finally, remember it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed.


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  1. Golf Lady says:

    I love the many traditions of golf.  It’s part of what makes the game so unique.  I truly believe that ladies
    golf clothes should stick with the tradition, as well as men’s.  Your article has some good rules to go by!

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