Fast Food Restaurants: Know What You Want Before Approaching the Cashier

Fast food restaurants do their very best to deliver food fast.  People patronize these restaurants because they expect to get their food quickly.  Please help the restaurant maintain fast service by having an idea of what you want before you approach the cashier.  If you need to study the menu, then step aside and let the next customer in line place their order.

Occasionally, you may need to ask a question or two about the food selections which is fine to do, however, have a couple of options prepared in your mind so you may react in a timely manner after hearing the answers to your questions.  Or, step aside and let the next customer in line place their order while you think.

The same courtesy applies to the drive thru.  Think about what you would like to order while waiting in the drive thru line rather than texting or playing the drums to your favorite rock song on the steering wheel.

Recently, a lady ordered 8 subs at a Subway restaurant and didn’t know what she wanted on any of the subs.  I could go on and on about her faux pas, but I won’t .  You now know what she could have done differently.  Rather, I would like to commend the gentleman standing in line behind her who waited patiently for her to work through each and every one of the 8 subs.   His lack of reaction made my day.  He demonstrated exemplary etiquette!

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