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“I Have to Say”

Never begin a speech or sentence with, “I have to say”. You do not have to say anything. Pay heed to the words in the self portrait of 17th century Italian Baroque painter, Salvatore Rosa, “Aut tace aut loquere meliora … Continue reading

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Always Be a Good Ambassador

It is easy to forget we are always representing someone or something.   It may be your family, your company, your school, or most importantly, and frequently overlooked, yourself. Whenever we are in public or on social media, it is imperative … Continue reading

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Fast Food Restaurants: Know What You Want Before Approaching the Cashier

Fast food restaurants do their very best to deliver food fast.  People patronize these restaurants because they expect to get their food quickly.  Please help the restaurant maintain fast service by having an idea of what you want before you … Continue reading

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Concert/Theater Courtesy

I attended a Christmas concert a few nights ago and was shocked at the inconsiderate behavior of the audience members.  People stood up and walked around during the performance with no regard to other audience members or the performing group.  … Continue reading

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Conversation – Do Not Comment on Physical Appearances

I recently attended a social event where I overheard someone greet an elderly woman by saying, “You’re so skinny.  Are you okay?”  The expression on the elderly woman’s face was one of shock and she was obviously at a loss … Continue reading

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Deodorant Is Essential

The use of deodorant is essential for good hygiene and personal grooming. Apply it daily. For some people, and depending on your activity level, more than once a day. If you don’t like to apply processed chemicals to your body, … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge Others by Clothing Labels

At a recent event I attended, I overheard one woman ask another who manufactured her dress?  The woman wearing the dress quietly answered by saying it had been awhile since she purchased the dress and couldn’t remember.  (I must say … Continue reading

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Be Considerate When Sending Large E-mail Attachments

Please don’t send a large e-mail attachment without the recipient’s approval or prior knowledge. You don’t want to annoy someone because their computer is inoperable while they wait for your file to download.  It’s also possible they don’t have the … Continue reading

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Be Helpful at a Trade Show or Convention

When a company has a booth at a convention or trade show, it is viewed as a fixture and host to all visitors attending the event.   Company employees working in the booth are perceived to be knowledgeable about the event … Continue reading

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Please Wait Your Turn For Service

If you approach a customer service counter and see an associate or customer service representative speaking with another customer, do not barge up to the counter and interrupt their conversation. It is appropriate to stand aside or behind them and … Continue reading

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