Flirtation in the Workplace

It is good practice to keep your personal life separate from your professional life.  Resist temptation to flirt with or date a co-worker.

Occasionally, it is difficult for someone to resist the temptation to flirt and their object of attention and/or colleague is placed in a most awkward position.

If you find yourself in this most awkward position, it is important to put a stop to the flirtation as soon as possible.  Be nice, but firm in your delivery.  You might want to say to the person who is flirting with you, “I really enjoy working with you and appreciate your support and friendship, but I do not date co-workers”.

It’s important to draw the line in the sand.  Many people try to ignore the flirtation thinking it will go away, but they are only giving the person in pursuit hope.

If the flirtation continues after a request to stop it, then it is considered sexual harassment.


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