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Knock Before Entering

If a door is closed to a space that may be occupied, always knock before entering.  This includes, but is not limited to, offices, bedrooms, dressing/fitting rooms, lavatory stalls, hotel rooms and hospital rooms. Yesterday, I was trying on clothing … Continue reading

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Personal Problems in a Professional Setting

Do not bring personal problems to the office.  Leave them at home. If your coworkers are your friends, wait until you are outside the office to discuss  your personal matters.

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Flirtation in the Workplace

It is good practice to keep your personal life separate from your professional life.  Resist temptation to flirt with or date a co-worker. Occasionally, it is difficult for someone to resist the temptation to flirt and their object of attention … Continue reading

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Workplace Germs

It’s the time of year when sounds of coughing and sneezing can be heard throughout the office.  No one wants to catch the cold or flu, but what should we do if a co-worker is obviously fighting an illness? In … Continue reading

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